The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance baby seat is an ideal tool to soothe your baby as it moves with your baby’s movements and will help your baby develop motor skills. The baby seat will come in handy whether you are the parent, the caregiver or the babysitter.

The Baby Bjorn babysitter baby seat can be easily transported anywhere you take your baby because it is light, weighing about 7 pounds.  It is also easy to use and it can be positioned for playing, for resting or for sleeping.  It is soft and cosy for your your baby because of the 100% cotton used to make this product.  The cover is removable for washing.  If you have hardwood floors, your babysitter baby seat will not damage your floors because of the pads attached the seat which are not only for that purpose but they are good for keeping the baby seat in one spot.

The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance was designed for babies up to 24 months of age weighing between 8 and 29 pounds and comes with a restraint system which keeps your baby in a safe and proper position. You will also be able to remove your baby easily without having to fuss with straps or snaps.

The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance is an ideal baby seat for your baby if you want to get things done around the home.  It can be used with the Baby Bjorn Wooden Toy which will keep your baby entertained for quite a while.

The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance baby seat comes in eight colors  – pinstripe, orange, red, black, brown, white, blue, and black/silver.  There is also an organic version of the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance baby seat which comes in a walnut/khaki color.